Almond Paste Molder
Roof Painter
Vacuum Cleaner Repairer
Tool Sharpener
Greenskeeper Laborer
Banjo Repairer
Bathhouse Attendant
Flight Communications Operator
School Social Worker
Pharmaceutical Salesperson
Internal Auditor
Payloader Operator
Video Rental Clerk
Pottery Kiln Builder
Digital Imaging Technician
Network Technician
Joint Terminal Attack Controller
Mobile Home Mechanic
Bar Back
Underwriting Clerk
New Accounts Banking Representative
Division Officer, Weapons Department(Guided Missiles)
Aoc Operations - Defensive Operations Officer
Furniture Arranger
Life Insurance Salesperson
Radiation Therapist
Mural Painter
Child Welfare Worker
Wood Furniture Assembler
Unexploded Ordnance Quality Control Worker
LNG Plant Operator
Small Animal Veterinarian
Courtroom Clerk
Senior Naval Parachutist
Correspondence Representative
Plant Scientist
Highway Maintainer
Drywall Hanger Helper
Safe and Vault Mechanic
Electronic Publishing Specialist
Political Reporter
Log Check Scaler
Assembly Line Driver
Dog Food Shredder Operator
Casino Dealer
Loom Technician
Acoustic Sensor Operator
Air Boatswain
Residential Building Inspector
Baseball Umpire
P-3 Armament/Ordnance Ima Technician
Special Warfare Operator
House Wirer Helper
Hotel Operations Manager
Staff Submarine Warfare Officer
Stereo Equipment Installer
Exploration Geologist
Quarry Plug and Feather Driller
Casino Floor Runner
Embroidery Patternmaker
Office Secretary
Botany Professor
Hematology Technician
Water Treatment Technician
Heat Treater Apprentice
Pharmacy Assistant
Production Control Coordinating Clerk
High School Vocational Education Teacher
Surgical Physician Assistant
Hotel Supplies Salesperson
Operations Officer, Afloat (Naval Tactical Data Systems)
Window Trimmer
Lime Filter Operator
Division Officer, Weapons Department (Antisubmarine Weapons)
Au Pair
Jewelry Repairer
Logging Truck Driver
Visual Designer
Special Education Curriculum Specialist
Floral Artist
Radiological Control and Safety Technician
Organizational Research Consultant
Oil Drilling Engineer
Activities Assistant
Slitter Helper
Licensed Private Investigator
Actuarial Associate
Home Hospice Aide
Personnel Manager
Gifted and Talented Student Education Aide
Precision Machinist
Computer Repairer
Jig Bore Tool Maker
Fuel Truck Driver
Orthodontist Assistant
Drywall Installer
Combat Direction Finding System (An/Srs-1)Operator
Institutional Commodity Analyst
Arcade Attendant
Corporate Attorney
Wildlife Biologist
Marine Air Ground Task Force (Magtf) Planners
Sociocultural Anthropology Professor
Portrait Painter
Honest John Rocket Crew Member
Stage Technician
Podiatric Aide
Lobby Attendant
Lawn Caretaker
Travel Service Consultant
Childcare Worker
Debt Management Counselor
Environmental Protection Forester
Certified Industrial Hygienist
Overhead Door Technician
Banquet Chef
Applied Statistician
Marine Pipefitter
Rug Designer
Nuclear Engineering Technician
Ballet Professor
Diabetes Educator
Massage Therapist
Orthodontic Assistant
Training Coordinator
Airport Ramp Supervisor
Lien Searcher
Trolley Car Overhauler
Trim Saw Operator
Marine Drafter
Aerial Gunner
Zoology Professor
Computer Systems Consultant
Climatology Professor
Petroleum Plant Operator
Marine Biologist
Dredge Mate
Torpedoman's Mate
Braille Proofreader
Machine Welder
Fire Operations Forester
Subway Car Repairer
Silviculture Professor
Electric Sewer Cleaning Machine Operator
Stained Glass Installer
Pole Framer
Chemical Engineering Professor
River Expedition Guide
Carton Making Machine Operator
Electric Powerline Examiner
Hatchery Worker
Loan Processor
Pageant Director
Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Specialist
Actor Understudy
Mutuel Teller
Motor Grader Operator
Commissioner of Internal Revenue
Combat Direction Finding System (An/Srs-1) Operator
Pension Examiner
Kosher Butcher
Savings Teller
Tattoo Artist
Armor Reconnaissance Vehicle Driver
Gunner's Mate
Inventory Control Clerk
Shellfish Dredge Operator
Electrocardiograph Operator
Automobile Refinisher
Antisubmarine Classification And Analysis Officer, Aviation
Jewelry Polisher
Masonry Instructor
Pecan Gatherer
Budget Examiner
Oil Burner Repairer
Community Service Organization Director
Operating Room Technician
Certified Occupational Rehabilitation Aide
Sales Clerk Supervisor
Motion Picture Operator
Production Control Technologist
Rope Machine Setter
Agricultural Research Engineer
Computer-Aided Drafting and Design Instructor
Human Relations Professor
Network Support Manager

2 tons of opium powder

1 ton of cocaine

1 ton of peyote

1 ton of hashish

1 ton of marihuana

100,000 tons of rice

100,000 tons of sugar

100,000 tons of coffee

100,000 tons of cocoa

100,000 tons of cinnamon

100,000 tons of garlic

100,000 tons of oil

100,000 tons of buck-wheat flour

100,000 tons of bananas

100,000 tons of dates

100,000 tons of tuna

100,000 tons of hazelnuts

100,000 tons of walnuts

100,000 tons of figs

100,000 tons of manioc

100,000 tons of Muscat grapes

200,000 tons of pistachios

100,000 tons of chickpeas

100,000 tons of almonds

300,000 tons of rats to stuff the beef, the veal, the lamb, the giraffe, the camel

300,000 tons of mussels

300,000 tons of oysters

300,000 tons of snails

-12 1 1.00 1.30. 1.45. 1/4 1/5 1⁄2 1.30 2 2.00 2, 2.00. 2.25. 2.30/3. 2/3 2/4 2/5 2; 2?). 2nd 2nd. 2.30 3 3. 3, 3,4,5,then 3,4,6,7 3.30. 3.50. 3/4 3/4? 3/5 3rd 4 4, 4.30, 4.30. 4.45, 4/4 4.15 4.30 5 5, 5/3/09 5/4 5.30 6 6. 6.00 6) 6, 6.15. 6.30, 6.30. 6.30/7.00 6.30am, 6/3/09 6/4 6am 6.15 6.30 6.45 7 7.00 7, 7.30, 7/3/09 7/4 7am, 7am. 7pm. 7.15 7.30 7.40 7.45 7.50 8 8. 8, 8.00, 8.15. 8.45. 8.50. 8/3/09 8/4 8; 8.10 8.15 8.30 8.45 9 9. 9.00 9, 9,20 9.00. 9.30, 9.30. 9.40. 9/03 9/4 9pm. 9.10 9.30 9.50 10 10. 10.00 10, 10.08. 10/3 10/4 10/15 10am 10mins 10.20 10.29 10.30 11 11.00 11.00. 11.15. 11.30, 11/3 11/4 11– 11.30 12 12.00. 12.30, 12.30. 12/3 12/4 12.15 12.30 13 13/3 13/4 14 14. 14/3 14/4 15 15/3 15/4 16 16/3 16/4 17 17/3 17/4 18 18/3 18/4 18/5 19 19/3 19/4 20 20,tho 20/3 20/4 20/30 21 21/3 21/4 22 22/3 22/4 23 23/4 24 24/3 24/4 24/5 25 25/3 25/4 26 26/3 26/4 27 27/3 28 28/3 28/4 29 29/3 29/4 30 30/1 30/4 30/40 31 31/3 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 38; 39 40 40’s 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 79; 80 80. 81 82 83 84 85 89 91/14. 99; 1900. & &7? 'Emergency 'Rattle 'The ( (2 (2,6,10 (7.45) (30/3) (38.2), (& (...)? (...?) (..?) (..?..) (:) (?) (?), (?). (a (Akela (ancient?) (and (been) (cereal (Chris, (deemed (Do (Don (drink (dubious (even (first (Fooling (for (Freud) (full?) (gravy (he (he’s (him?). (Home? (I (I’m (L (last (later (left (may (Mum); (next (normal) (not (now), (often) (on (one (or (Oxford (panel (rapid) (Renoir’s (Rose (small (still (the (this (twice (two) (what (why (with (writing, ) *his , - -. -? -?. -fast -shame, -will .. ..(?)..and ... .... .....? lizing ....?.. ...? ...?ck ..? / : :- < = > ? ?, ?. ? ?/5 ??) ??bushes?, ?batting-to-himself [[PAY [[WHAT ____? A a a-day A. a.m., a?n AAAAMMM AAAHOH abandoned. abdomen abdomen, ability abject able about about, about. ABOUT? about? Above absorbing, absurdity. ac- academic. accent, accent. accents(???) accents: accept access. acci- accident accident, accident....oh accident; accidents accidents? accommodate accompa- account account. accusation ace aches, achey achieved achievement. achieving. acknowledge acknowledged, across across, act action activity ad- adapting add address addressed adenoidal adequate adjoining adjust adjustments. admitted advance; advice advised advised. advocating af- affected, afraid afresh African After after after, After-image afternoon afternoon) afternoon, afternoon. afterwards; AGAIN again again, again. again: again; again? against Agatha, age age-old age. age... ages aggressive agining ago ago, ago. agonies Agonizing agony agreed AHAHAHAHAH air air. ajar, al- alarm alarm, alarms. Alice,* alive alive, All all all, allow allowance? Allowed allowed allowed, ally Almost almost alone alone) alone, alone. along along? alongside aloof, already already. Also also alternative Always always always, always. Alzheimer’s. am am. amateur amazing Ambitious? ambles Ambulance ambulance ambulance. ambulance; among amount amounts amounts, amounts. ample, An an an- analysis analysis. anchor AND And and And, and, anecdotes Angela anger, angle angle, angle. anglepoise angry aniseed Anja ankles ankles, anonymous anoth- Another another Another: anthol- anthology. Anthony anti-lax anti-lax- anti-laxatives antibiotic. antibiotics Antibiotics, anxiety. any any, anyone anyone. Anything anything anything, anything. anything.....?.... anytime, anyway anyway. anywhere, ap- apart apathy apathy. apologise apologised apologise’. appalling. Apparently apparently apparently, apparently. Appeal appeal appeal, appearance appeared appeared, appearing appetising appetite apple application, applied apply applying appoint- appointment approach approach. approval approved approved? April April). Aqueous Archive ARE are area, areas, arm arm, arm. armchairs arms arms, army around around. arrang- arrange arranged arrangement arrangements arranging arrhythmic arrive arrived arrived, arrived... arse, art art; article artwork... As as Asian aside, ask asked asking asleep assertive, assess assess- assessment assistance assistant assisted? Astaire’s At at Ate ate ative Atkins atorially attack? attempt attempt, attend attributes authorisation authorisation. avoid avoided aw- awaiting awake awake. aware away away). away, away. away? Awful awful awful, awkward awkward, awkward. ba- babysat BACK Back back back, back-up back. back; backdrop background background. Bad bad bad! bad, bad; badly badly. Bag' Bag', bag, bag. balance balcony bald ball ballet balls. banana banana, banana. bandage BANG banged banishing Bank banter banter. barely bark, barley barrier bars Barthelme Bartok basis bastard bastard, bastard. Bastards batch bath bath, bath; bathroom bathroom, battery battling baulks bay bay’s BE be be- be. beach, bear beard bear’s beat beaten beautiful beautiful. beautifully became because Becker Becker. become becomes becoming BED Bed bed bed). bed, bed-bound. bed. bed... bedlam Bedpan bedpan bedpan, bedpan. bedroom, beds beds. bedside bedsore bedsores, bedtime, beef Been been been, Before before before, Before- before-bed began begging begin Beginning beginning beginning. begins behalf. behaved behaviour behind being being, being; belches believe believe. bell bell, belly belly. below Ben bend Bengali ber bered. Berlin bers. beside Best best bete(?) betrayal betrayed Better better better, better. better; between beyond Big big big, big-bellied big-headed bigger bike bike, Bill Bir- bird-like birds birds; birdsong, Birmingham, Birmingham. birth birth, birthday birthday, birthday,- birthday. birthday? bis- biscuit biscuits BIT bit bit(?).. bitlike bits bitterly, black black-tipped bladder bladder, bladder. blame bland, blank. blank; blanket, Blast blazing ble bleeping blessing Blimey. blindness bling bling. bliss. blitzed blobs blokes Blood blood blood. blood> bloody bloody, blossom blow blow; blowing blubbering blue blundered blur blur, blurred blurring bly board board, board. boats, Bob Bob. Bob’s body body, body. body... bond. bones, book book, book: bookcase Books books books, bored boredom boredom, boring. boring.) bornness. borrow; borrowed bossy bot- Both both both, bother?), bottle bottle! bottle, bottle. bottle? bottle?( bottles bottles. bottles; bottom bottoms bought bounce bouncy bour’s bow-ells, bowel bowels bowels, bowels. bowels? bowels?” bowl bowl, bowls, Box. boys boys’ braces Brackets brain brand, Branflakes!! Brea break break- break. breakfast breakfast) breakfast, breakfast. breakfast; breakfast? breathing brief briefly. bright bright. bring bringing bringing-up-some- brings Bristol brittle brittle, broadsheets, broccoli; broke Brook brother brother, brothers brought brown browning brusque brusque, brutally brute, bubble bubble, bubbles. bubbling Bucks.(till Bugger, build- building building. buildings bulldozing bumped- bumping, bumpy Burgess buried burnt bursting bursts. bus busi- business business. bustling busy But but but, buttocks buttocks, buttocks. buttoned-up buzzing By by by(?) byhood C c(?) C-diff C-diff, c-diff, C-diff. C-difficile c-difficile!) C-difficile, c-difficile, C-difficile. c...?..sances, caged cake cake. cakes calculated calculated, call Called called called. calling calmed Came came came) came, came. came/physio came; camera Campagne’) CAN Can can can, can. Cancer cancer cancer, cancer. cannula canteen, canula Can’t can’t capsules car caramel Card card cards cards, Care care care, care- Care. care. care? care?’ careers careful, carefully caring Carly carried carry cart case case, cases casionally catch Cather, cau- caught Cauliflower causing CD CD’s CD’s; ceiling. ceive Celia Central cereal ceremonially certain certain- certainly chair chair. chaired challenged. championship, chance chance. chance? chances. change changed changing chap chap- charged charger. charging charging...To Charlbury Charlotte charting chat; cheating, check check-out cheek. cheerful cheery cheery, cheese, Chel- Cheltenham chemical chemist chemo, cherubs chest chest, chest. chided chides childhood children. chimneys, chimp. chocolate chocolate. choice choose. chopped chord, chorus chosen chosen. Chris chucked chucking church church) church; church? Churchill Churchill. churnings, cially cided cidents circle circling clamp Clarks class class). Classic classical clean clean-up clean-up, clean-up. clean-up; Cleaned cleaned cleaners cleaning cleaning-up cleans clear clear- clear. clearaway(?) clearly clearly, clears clenched cli- climb climbing, climbing. cling clinging clock clock, clock; Clooney, close close, close-up, closed, closed. closely closely, closes closes. Closing clothes clots clots; clump Clumsy clumsy clumsy. clutching cock. cockpit, cod, Coelacanth; coincidence? cold cold. Collapsed collapsed collapsed: colleagues colour-coded colours colours, com- comb comb. come come, come. comes comfort comfortable comfortable. COMFORTABLE? coming coming, coming. coming; commission commode commode) commode, company company, comparison, competent complacent complain completely complex complicated composed compost computer computer, con- con. concentrate concentrated concentrates concentrating concer- concern concerned concerned. conditioning conditions. conducted conference confessed confidence confident confines confirm confirmation confirmed confirming confused, confusing confusion confusion, confusion. confusions conk Consent consent consider considerate considered considered, considering consol- Consoled conspir- constantly Constipated constipated constipated.Took constipation? contact contd. content continue continues continuous; contradiction contribute control controls convenient. conveniently convent conversation conversations cool, cooling Cooling, cope cope. copse, copy copywriting corri- corridor corridor, corridor. corridor; corridors corridors. cost costs. costs... cosy, Cotinus, cottage cough cough, cough. cough; Coughing coughing Coughs Coughs: could could(?) couldn’t counselling counter-despair. counts couple courage, course course, course. court courting cover covered covering cow coward Cox? crack cracked, Craftsman’, cram Cranston. crashes, crashing crave craves crawl crawls cream cream, created creative creative. credit creep creeping cried cries. crisis crisp crispies cross cross-country crossed crossword crossword, crossword. crosswords, crowded? crude crumpled crunch. crust crystal crème cuffs. cuits. culture... cup cupboards curbed curbing cured, current cursed curt; curtain curtain, curtained Curtains curtains curtains. cus- Cusson’s custard, custard- yellow custard. custard....only cut cyans cycle. cynical D D, D. D.O.A. d.o.b. DAB Dad Dad), daft damp dance Dances. dangerous dangerous, dangling dappled dark dark, dark-rimmed darker, darkness DARLING darling dashes? date daughters David dawn Day day day, day. day: day; daylight. Days days days, days. day’s de De- de- dead dealership. dealing dealt death, Death. death. Debbie Dec./Jan., decent decide Decided decided decision deco- decorator, dedicated deep deep, deeply deferral. deflected dehydrated, dehydrated. delirious deliver delivered Delta; deluded den, Denis denly Dennis dents, deodorant, departments. depend depended depressingly dered derstood des- description. DeSicas desire Desolation despair despair. desperate despite despondent dessert. detached detail, detailed detect deter- deteriorated deteriorating, deterioration determination determined develop...Enough, diagnosed diagnosis diar? diarrhoea diarrhoea, diarrhoea. diary Did did did, did.. didn’t died dietician differ- difference. different different; Difficult difficult difficult; difficulty digital Dik, dimmed dimming. ding-donger dip dips dipstick direct directly director dis- disability disap- disappeared disappoint- disappointed disappointing disappointment. disbelieving discharge discon- discovered Discreetly discreetly. discussed discussion disease disease, disease. disgusting disillusioned dispensed dispersed displaced disproportionately disqualify dissolved distant distrac- distract distress distress; District disturbing. ditto ditto.... diversion dizzy Dizzy, dizzy, DJ, dling DO Do do do, do. do... do; do? Doctor doctor Doctors doctors doctors, doctors. document. dodges, does doesn’t dog dog? doing doll- dom Don Don) Donaghy DONE done done. done; Don’s Don’t don’t Door door door) door, door. doors doorway; dor. Dore’s dormant Dormouse dormouse dose doses dot double doubt doubt, doubt. Douglas down down, down. downhill downstairs downstairs. doze doze. dozed Dozed; dozen dozens dozes, Dozing dozing dozing, dozy, Dr Dr. drafted drain drained. drained; drank drastic, draw draw. draw: Drawing drawing drawing) drawing, drawings drawn draws dreading, dreadnought dream dream-stills. dreams dreams, dress dressed, dressing dressing. dressings drew dribbles dribbling dried drift Driftings drifts drink drink, drink- Drinking drinking drinking; drinks. drip drips dropping drops, drug drug, drug- drugs Dry dry drying ducing dug dumpy dunked dunking. dunnock dur- During during dust dustpan duty DVD DVD...Eating DVD’s Dvorak’s DVT dy- dying, E E. Each each each, eager eager- earlier earlier...he early early, earnest ears. earwax. ease eased Easier easier easily East easy easy, eat eat, eat? eaten eating eating, eavesdropping, Eccles ECG echoing Ed ed ed. edge edges. Edw. Edward Edward? effect effective effective, effects effects) effects. efficiency effort effort. effort: egg. eight Elbows elbows. elderly elegant elegies. Ellis else else, else. Elton email emails embarrassment embroidery emerge, Emerged emergency emerges, emerging emotional emotional, emotional. emotionally emphasized empties, empty emptying emptying, en- en-headed encourage encouragement. end end, end. ended ends; enema enema. energy energy; engage England’s English ening. enjoy. enjoyed enormous enough enough. enough; enquiries enquiring enquiry: ent. entertaining enthusiasm epic episode Episodes equip- equipment er erings, erly eroe’s es especially essence est etc etc, ETC. etc. ethnic etly. Even even Evening evening evening, evening. evening...We evening? evening’s event eventu- eventual Eventually eventually eventually. ever ever, ever. ever; Every every every- everyone’s Everything everything everything, everything. everywhere evil ex- ex-Feminist/ ex-Hippies, ex- OUP ex-St. exactly exasperation, exasperation. exceeded excep- except exception exceptional? exceptions Exchange. excitement exciting excretory excursions exertions exertions. exhaling Exhausted exhausted exhausted, exhausted. exhausting exhaustion, exhibitions expansive expected Expecting expensive experience, experience: expertly, explain explaining explanations exploded exploring explosion express extend extended extension extension. extra extract eye eye. eyeful eyelids eyes E’s f..?..ts. fac- face face(?) face, face. faces facilities fact fact, factor faded Fading faggot faggots, fail failing fails? failure failure, failures; Faint faint fairly fall fall. Falling falling falls Falmouth. False false familiar. family family. fancy fanfares far far, far. fart fart. fart... farted farts farts, fashion fast fast, faster fat fat, fatty, fault, favoured favourites. fear feared; fearful fearful. fearing features fecal feeble feeble, feebleness feed feeder, feeding Feel feel feel, Feeling feeling Feels feels feet feet, fell Felt felt fence fending ferring fever few fibrous, Fickling. fid- fidget fightback fighting figure figure, figures fill Filled filling film film- films. filth. filthy Filthy. final finally finally, find finding fine; finger fingers fingers, finish finished Fire fireplace firm-voiced. firm. First first first, first. fished fit fits fitting five fix fixing flagging flake flaky flapping flappy flaps flash flat flat, flattish; flexible, flitting floats floor floor, Flop flouncy flowers fluff fluorescent flurry. fly fly. focal focus, foil follow food food. food; foot football football; footsteps FOR For for for. Forced fore forefront foreign Foreskin forever. forget forgetting forgotten forgotten, forgotten; form form. form? forms fort fortnight forty forward foun- Found found found. four fourth fraction frame France Frank frank frankly frayed Fred free freelance fresh freshed fretting Fri.; friction Friday Friday. Fridays, friend Friend. friendly friendly, friends friends, friends. friendship friendship, friendships frighten frightened frightening frightens fro; From from front frothing frowning. fruit fruit. fruity frustrated Fuck fucking ful ful; fulfil full full, fumes. fun funded funding funds funds’... funeral funeral. FUNNY Funny, furniture furniture. further furtively fusillade Fussy fussy fussy, future future, future. fuzz g...? gabbled gagging galleries Gallery games gang gang) gar- garden garden, gardening Gardner’s. Garneth(?) Gary gate(?), gaunt, gave general generally generous gentle gentle, gentle... gentleman; gently George German gested get gets Getting getting ghoulish giant gibbered gifts. gigantical- giggling Gill Gill? gimlet ginning. girl girls girls, give given gives giving glad glare glass, glasses glasses, glasses. gleaming glimpses gloom, gloom. gloved gloves, go go, go- go-ahead; go. go...10.00. God God, god, goes goes, goes. Going going going, gold golden golf! gone gone, gone. gone... gone; gone? Good good good, good- gorged gorging gossip. Got got got? gown, GP grab grabbing gracious Graciously, grad- Graham Gran grandson granular graph-paper grass grass. gravity, gravy Great great great, great- greedy; green green-baize-topped grey-pink greys grim grim, gripe gripe, gripes, gripper gripper. gritty gritty, groaned groaned. groaning. groans, groggy, groping ground group group. grow growing growing... gruff, grunting, guaranteed guard. Guardian Guardian, guess, guessed, guests guilt, guilt- guilt. gulping guns, Gupta Gupta, Gupta’s gurgling gusto. gut, guts gyms H H(ilary) H, H. habit!) hacking Had had had!... hadn’t haemoglobin hair hair, hair-brushed hair; hairs). hairs... hairy half half- half-circle half-drunk half-eaten half- expelled... half-person. half-reclining half-sick, half-sleeping half-understood Halfway hall, haloed halving(?) Han- Hancock; hand hand, hand- hand. handful, handhold handing handle hands hands. hankie hap- happen happen, happen. happen? happened happened) happened, happened. happening happening. happens happens.— happier Happy happy haps. hard hard. hard; hard?. harder harder; hardest hardly harm. harpies. Harry Harry, harsh has hasn’t haste. Hastings hasty hate hates hav- Have have have. have? Haven’t haven’t having He he He's He, he? head head, headphones headphones. healing Health health healthy heap hear Heard heard hearing hears heart heartbeats heave heaved heaves heaving. heavy. heels heels, held hell HELLO help help, help. helped helper helper. helpers helping helpless helpless, helplessly helplessly. helplessness Helpline, her her. Here here here, here. here...perhaps here; Heroic heroic herself hesitant, he’d he’ll He’s he’s hibernating hiccups. hid hidden hide hiding high high, high-protein higher hijab, him him, him. him; himself himself, hinge), hint His his hiss, hold holds hole Holiday holidays Home home home, home. Home; home; homeless honey. honour) hooked hooray! hooting hop- Hope hope hope); hope, hope- hope. hopeful hopeless hopeless. hopeless; hopes hoping hopping, horizon horri- horrible horribly horribly. horrific horror hos- hospital hospital, hospital-acquired hospital. hospital; hospitals, hot Hot, hot, hot. hour hour, hour. hour? hours hours, hours. hour’s House house house, house. houses hover-craft How how however, HOW’S hrs. hug). huge humiliation humour hung hurl hurry, hurrying, HURT hurt, husband’s husky husky. hussar. hymns, Hysterical I I, I/do I? I?) ical ically ice-cream ice-cream. icecream idate. idea idea, ie ies, If if iller illness; ily im- imagine imagined imagined. imitate imitating immaculately immediate immediately immi- imminence impa- impacted impatience impatient Imperial importance important impossible. impression improving. IN In in in, in- in-retreat in. in; inadequacy incidental. incidents, include including incom- incompetent incomprehensible. indestructible, Indian Indian, Indian-speaking Indian; Indian’s indigestion indigestion; indisputable indistinct- indistinguishable individual inevitable inevitable. inevitably inevitably, infected, infection infection, infection? infectious influence infuriating infuse ing ing, ing-up ing. ing? ingredients inhaling initial injecting injection injection; injured inmate, inner Inside inside instalment instance, instant instead Institute institutionalised, instruction insufficient insuperable intake.Worried intensive inter- interchangeable interested interested; interesting internal interrupt interrupted interrupted, interrupting interruption intervene intimate, Into into into, into...Life intuition invariably invents invoices ion, Iona irregular irresistible, irritates irritating irritatingly irritation. Is is is, is- is. ise isolate isolation ist, It it it), it, it. it...Rose it; it? its itself itself, itself. it’ll It’s it’s I’D I’d I’LL I’ll I’M I’m I’ve J. J., jacket Janacek’s Jane jaw jeans. jects jerking jingles, Jo, Joan, job job, job. job; jobs John John, JOHN]] Johnson John’s join jolly Jonathan Jones Jones, journal journey journeys joy joyment JR jug juice juicy jumping, JUST Just just just. justice J’s, k-cancer Karen. Kathy Keep keep keeping keeps Kellogg’s Kept kept key kicking, kidnap kidney kidney? kids killers killers, kin kind kind, kind- kindly kindness kinds king- kiss Kit' kitchen kles kneaded knee, kneel- knew knock Knocked knocked knocking know know, know. know? knowing known, knows knuckle-scraping Krisp- Labour laburnum laburnum, lack Lactulose lade. lady laid Lakes, lamp lamp. landing, landlord landscape landscapes Lane language. Lankan, lantern lapse laptop Large large larger larger, Larkin LAST Last last last, lasts. late late. Later later later, later. later... latest Lathers latter laugh laugh... LAUGHING laughing laughter laughter, launch- law lawn; lax. laxative laxative, laxative. laxative; Laxatives laxatives lay layers, laying lead leaks leant leapt learn learned learning least least), least, least. Leather LEAVE leave leave, leaves leaving leaving. lecturing led Left left left? leftovers. left”... leg leg... legal Legs legs legs, legs. leisurely, lens Less less less. less; Let let letter letters letters, letting Let’s let’s level. lever levered levering liaison licence lids lie lie, lie. lied Life life life, life-class; life. life; lifetime’s LIFT lift lift-up: lifted lifting lifts light light, lights LIKE like like, like. like? liked likely likes likes. limbs limit line line, lined lines lingered. link link. lips lips... liquid. lis- list listen Listened listening lit- litres little little, little. live lively lives living local locked logs loll London Loneliness lonely Long long Long, long, long-bearded long. long: long? longer longer. longest longevity look look- looked looking looking, looks looks, loom Looming looming loosen loosened; loss. Lost lost lost, lost. lot Lots lots loud loud). louder(?) loudly LOVE, love- Loved loved loved, Lovely lovely lovely, lovely. loves low luck, luck. luckily, luctant lump, Luna. Lunch lunch Lunch, lunch, lunch. lunch; lunches, lunchtime lunchtime, lunchtime. lunchtimes lung lungs. lurch lurid, lurking. luxuriating LY ly ly: lying L’pool M M, M. ma Mac, machine machine. Macmillan mad mad.... madcap made made. magazine magazine, magazine. magenta. main Mainly make make!’ make-up, makes making male man man, man,(??), man. man.. manage manage, Managed managed management managing manhandled manoeuvre manoeuvring manoeuvring-: Manuka Many many many, man’s March? markable market. marma- marooned. Martin’s marvellous mash mashed mask matter matter. mattress mattress. mature max; may ME me me) me). me, me. me... me.This me: me; me? me?’, meal meal, meal. meal; meals mean mean? means meant Meanwhile, measured measures, Measuring mechan- medical medicine medium meet meeting meets Mekong mem- members memory memory. men men, men. men... menial ment ment. mentor men’ merely mes- mesh mess mess, mess... message Met met Metcalfe methadone method. Mexican(?) mias- Michael micro-biologist mid- afternoon mid-breakfast midday midnight midnight, might Mike Mike; milkshake. millimetres mind mined mingham mini-eggs minor mins minute minute; minutes minutes, minutes. minutes...back; minutes; mirac- miracle miracles Miriam, mirror, mirrored Mis-match miserable. misery. misfire miss; missed missing mission... mistake; mix MMMMGHAAA MMMMGHAHAHAH mobile mobile, mobile. mode modesty moment moment, moment. momentarily moments moments. Monday Monday. Monet money money?) money’s monitor monkeys, monkeys. monster monster. monster? month, mood More more more!). more(?) more, more. morn- morning morning, morning. morning...felt morning: morphine morphine-based morphine. Most most mostly Mother mother motor motor-bike moun- mournful Mouth mouth mouth, mouth- mouth. mouth... mouthwash mouthwashes mouthwashes, move move, move? moved Movement movement movement, movements movements. moves Movicol. Movicol; moving moving? mow Mr Mr. much much!” much, much. muck mucked mulberry multiple Mum Mum,(who munch munching muscles muscles. Museum. music music. Must must mustn’t muttering mutual My my my- mys- myself myself). myself, myself-) myself: myself? mysteries mystery. N. nails. naked name Name’s nap. nap; narrow narrow-necked Naser. Nathan nationalities, naughtiness, naughty Naz(?)my near NEAR- nearby neat, nebulizer neck, nected; Need need needed needed. needing nei- neigh- neighbour; nent, nervous nervous. nervously ness ness. never never, nevertheless NEW New new news news, news. news: newspa- newspaper, Next next next. next? NICE Nice nice Nick nied night night, night. night: night:- night; nightmare nights night’s ning’s Nirenski, Niz, NO No no No! NO, No, no, No-one no-one No-one’s no-one’s nodding Noir Noir’, noise Noise, noise, noise. noises, Noise’ non-stop none normal normal, normal. nose Nosebag Nosebag. NOT Not not not). not, not. NOTES Notes noth- Nothing nothing nothing, nothing. nothing; notice Noticed noticed novel. NOW Now now Now, now, now. now...she now; Now? nowhere nowhere. no” nuisance num- Numb, Numb. number numbness Nurse nurse Nurse, nurse, Nurse. nurse; Nurses nurses nurses' nurses) Nurses, nurses, nurses. nurses/doctors nut-brown nutritious, NZ O O.T.’s, obedience, object objected objective; oblivion. Observer; obstruction, oc- occasional occupational occupied ocean Odd odd odd, odd-job oddly of off off, off,(along off-balance off. off... off.... off? offered offers Often often often. ogies OH Oh Oh, oh, oil ointment ointment. OK OK, OK. OK: OK? Oklahoma, old old. older omit? On on on, on. on.? on; Once once once- once. One one one, one. one... ones ones. Only only ONTO onto OOOFGH oozes open open, opened opening opera- operation, opin- oppor- opportunities opportunity; opposite opposite, optimism, optimistic, Or or or, or- Oramol Oramorph Oramorph. orchestras ordeal order orders ordinary organised organising originals Orkney, os: ostensibly other other) other, others others: otherwise, ough ought OUP OUP. our Out out out) out, out- out. outside outside. outstanding outstrip over over, over- over. over...Eating over? overall overcrowded overnight overstay overtures overwhelmingly overwhelms own own, Ox- Oxford Oxfordshire, Oxon. oxygen oxygen. P P....?ce pa- package packet packet. packing pad Pain pain pain, pain- pain. pain? painful painful, painful. painkiller painkillers painkillers. Pains pains pains. painter painting paintings; pair pale, paled Palliative pan. pands. Panel panel panic pants paper papers paperwork papier-mache paracetamol/ water parade paragraph paranoid paraphernalia paratrooping, Park Parkinson’s part parted partially particular particularly particularly, parties partly parts passed passed? passing passings paste paste. pastel pastels patchwork pathetic patience patience. patient patient.Vital patients patients), patients: patient’s patrolling pattern pattern. Paul pay PCT peace peaky...” peared Pearl, pebbles pee pee, peeling, peels peer peering peg pen. pencils, Pendulous pendulous-eared pening penis Penny Penny, Penny]] pens pension people people? People’s per per- perate perature perch perched perfect perform Perhaps perhaps perhaps, perhaps. persistent, person person. personalised persuade Persuaded persuaded pest petence petering PG Pharaoh. pharmacy Phd., phenomenon Philip Philippian phlebotomy Phone phone phone, phone-call phone. phone; phonecall phonecall: photo photographed photographs. Phyllis phys- physi- Physio physio physio. physio? physios physiotherapy piano pic- Picking pict. picture picture, picture; pictures. pie piece pile pile, piled(?), pill pill. pillow pillow? pillows pillows. PILLS Pills pills pills, pills. ping, pink pinpoint piss, pital pital- pital. pitifully. pity place place, plain? plan planch- planchest plans planted planting plasters, plastic plate plate. platform player, playing playing, plays Please please pleased pleasure, pled plenty plots plumbing. plumped plus pm. pneumonia poached Poetry poetry Poetry: poetry: poets point point) pointed pointment points points, points. poked poking pole, polished polishing polite Polynesian pomegranate poo pool. Poor poor poor, pop popped porcelain porridge Porsche Porters porters portion portions) portraits pos- posedly poses, position position, position. positioned positive positive, possibility possible POSSIBLY possibly pot pot. potato. potent pouring powder powder, Power Powerful practised practising prayer, prayer. pre- predictably, premonitions prepara- preparation. prepared pres- prescription presence presence, present presents press Press) pressed pressing, pressure pressure, presumably pretty pretty-doll prevent price. pricked Primary print print- printing prior prize Pro- pro- proba- probably problem problem; procedure....What process professional programmes. progress progress. Prokofiev, promise promised prompt prompt, proof, prop- properly propped prospect protect protected protein protested, Proth- Proth. Protheroe Protheroe, Protheroe’s Protheroe’s. proud proved provided provisional prunes). published pudding puddle puff puffed pulled pulled. pulling Pullman, pulse pulsing Pumbro purpley-chocolate; purposes push pushed pusher pusher; pushes pushing pushing; put putting pyjama pyjamas pyjamas, python P’s Q. quarter quarter, queries. question questioned questions questions. questions? qui- quick Quick, quicker quickly quickly. Quiet quiet quiet, quiet- quiet. quieter quite Quixote Quixote, R R, R. R., Rac Rac. rac. race Rachmaninov Raconteur raconteur, Radio radio radio, radio. Radiotherapy radiotherapy radiotherapy. rafting rag. rage. railway rained. raise raised? raked ram ram- Rammed ran Rang rang rapped raspberries. raspberry-colour, ratatouille rate rate... rates rather rating ration, Rattle rattling re- re-inflate, re-prescribing re. reac- reach reaction reaction: read read, Reading reading reading, readings readings, reads ready ready... real real, real- real... realisation realisations. Realise realise realise. realised Realistically, realistically, Really really reared Rearranging rearranging reason reasonable reassess reassurance, reassured reassures reassuring recall received recent recently recently, reckoning recliner recognisable. recollect- recommended reconcile reconciled recover recover, recovered red redundancy Reeda Reena. reflection. refused regard regular regulate rehydra- rehydration related relatively relax relaxed relaxed, relentless relief relief! relief. relish reluctance reluctance. reluctant remarkable remembering remind reminder remorseless removal removed removed. rending renew repeat repeating report requested requesting required research resented. resettling reshaping resign- resignation... resist, resistant resisted resisting resolutely resolution, respond responded response responses Rest rest rest. rest... Rest...’, restless; restlessly restricted Results results resumes... resuscitated retentiveness retired). Return return returned returning returning, rev..?ed revealed revelling reversal reversal, reverse. reviewed revving rhythm, Rice rice Richard rid ride rides, ridiculous Right right ring ringing rings rings, rings. rinsing rip risk river Roberts’ rock rocks rodent. rogation. ROLL rolled roller rolling rolling, rollings rolls roof-line room room, room. room.. room: room; rooms rooms, roped Rose rose Rose, Rose. Rose; Rose’s rotten rough round round(?) roused rousing rove Rowie, rows, Roy rubber rude rugby, rum- Rumbles ruminating rumours, run runners running running, running. rush Russian?, rustling rustling, R’s S S. sad sad, Sadly sadly sadness safely saga: sage said said, Saline saline saline/glucose saliva, saliva. Sally Sally) Sally, salt salty, Same same same, same. sample Samples sank, Sat sat Saturday Saturday, sauntering sausages. savage-looking save savings savour. saw say say, say? saying saying, saying. says scallywags scamp- scan scan, scan; scarf scarf, scarf. scary scenarios scenes schoolboys’ scouts scrabbling scrape scraping screen screens, scribbling scurrying seal seat seating second seconds. seduced(?) See see see; seeing seem seem, seemed seeming seems seems. seen see’, select self self-obsessed, self-pity. self-pity: self-pitying self- pitying, self-portrait. self-taught selfish Selfish, semi–successful send sends Sennett, Senokot, Senokot. sensation sensations sense sensi- sensitive sensitive, sensuous, sent sequence ser- series serious serious, serious? seriously serve servicing. session sessions sessions, set set-up sets settings. settle settled settled, settled. settles. settling seven several sexy Shall shallow Shame shame shame. shameful shames shampooing shape shaped share share, shared shav- shaved shaver She she shed SHEET sheet sheets, sheets. shepherd’s she’d she’ll She’s she’s shift shift, shift. shifts shifts, shines shipwrecked. shirt SHIT Shit shit shitsmell. shock shock. Shocked shocking shoe-shine(?). shook shop, shop- shopping shopping. short short, short- sleeved shortage. shortening shorts Shos- Shostakovich shot Should should shoulder, shouldn’t shouldn’t, shouting... shouty shove shovelling show showed shower showing shown shown, shows shrinking shrivelled shrub shrubs shrubs, shuffles, shuffling shufflings, shunt shut shut-down. shut. sibilant sibility sible SICK Sick sick sick, Sick’. side side, side-effects side-effects. side-room, side? sides sides. sideways, sight sight. sight: sighting sign sign, signs silence silently silver, similar similar-shaped Simon Simon, Simon. simple Since since Sinfonietta, sing singing single single-handed sinking sip sisters, sit site. sits Sitting sitting situation skates skin skin, skip Skirt skirt, sky, sky. SL slamming, slams, Slavonic SLEEP sleep sleep, sleep- short sleep. sleep... sleep; Sleep? sleeping sleeps sleepy Slept slept, slept. slew slice slices slid SLIDE slide sliding slight Slightly slightly slim slimy slip slipping slips, sliver slow slow- slow-release slowed slower slowly slowly, slumped small smaller smaller-sized smart smear smell smell. smells smelly smoke smoke. smoking smoothie snacking snailed snatching Snooker snooker snorer snores snot, So so so, so-called so. so; so? soap, Sobell social socks sofa sofa, soft soft-spoken soften softened softly, sol- solitary, solution solvable? Some some some, some- Somehow somehow Someone someone someone, Someone’s somesuch, Something something something, something. something; something’s sometime Sometimes sometimes somewhere somewhere, somewhere. song. sons Soon soon soon, soon-. soon. sooner SORE sore sore. soreness soreness? sorer; sores sores, sores. SORRY sorry!’ sort sorted sound sounded sounding sounds soup. soup/custard Southern space spaces spacious spacious, spatters spe- speak speak, speak? speaking speaking, speaks special specialist specimen speech. speed speeds spell spend spending spent spillage spillage. spillages spine spine. spines spirit spirit. spit spit- spite spitting. spittoon splatter, split! splurged spluttering. spoke spoonful spoonfuls spot spraying, spread spread, spreading Spring spring Spring! spurt spurt. spurting spurts... square squatted squirm. squirming squirted squitch! squits Sri sta- stab stable, stack staff staff, staff. stage? stages staggered Staggering staggering stairs stairs: stalemate. stamping?, stand stand-and-swivel standing standing, stantly Star-Trek stare staring start start, start- start. Started started starting starts state state. state? Station. statue stay stayed stead steamed step step, stepping stereo sterile stew stick stick. sticking sticks stiff stiffness Still still still, still. stimulate stinking stir stir-fry; stock stocks stoicism? stomach stomach, stone stones stood stools stooping stop stopped stopped. storm story straight straight, straightway strange strange). strange. strangely strangely, straw. streams strength strength. strengthening stretched stricted striding stripes striving stroll strolling, Strong strong stronger? struggle Struggling struggling stub- stubby, stuck student, studied studs stuff stuff, stuff. stuff; stuffing stuffy stumbled stumped Stupid stupid style subjected submitted substance subtitles Success success success! success. success; successful successful; successfully successfully. succession Such such sud- sudden sudden, Suddenly suddenly suddenly, sues, suffered sufferers. Sufficiently sug- sugar suggest suggested suggestion suing suit summon Sun sun sun, Sun- Sunday Sunitinib Sunitinib. sunk Sunshine, sup- superficial superficially, supper supper. suppertime supplement support support. support...Morning’s Suppose suppose suppose. supposed supposedly suppositories suppressed sure sure, sure. Surely surely surface surfaces surfeit surg- surge surgeon surgery surging surging. surprise surprised surprising surprising. surprisingly survey survive suspecting suspense. suspiciously Sutenin(?) Sutent Sutent. Sutent? Sutin. Suzette, swal- swallowing Sweat sweat sweat, Sweating sweaty sweaty, sweaty? sweet sweet, Swilling Swindon, Swine swinging switch swivel-round Swollen swollen swollen), swollen. symptom syrup system t...?.. T?? table table, table. table: tablet tablet) tablets tabs tabs; tain tain, tained take take, taken Takes Taking taking taking, takovich, talc. Tales Talk talk talk, talk- talk. talked talking talking, talking. talks tangled taps taste taste. Tastes taut tax, tea tea, tea. tea? teaching: tearful. tearfulness, tearing tears tears, tears. teased teddy teeth teeth, telescope. tell telling tells tem- temper. temperature temperature. ten tender tenham. tening ter terms. Terrible terrible terrific terrifies terrifying, Terrifying. tery test test, Tested testicles tests texture; than thank thanked THANKS THAT That that that, that. that; that? THAT’S That’s that’s THE The the thee Their their them them, them. them; them? THEN Then then Then, then,’s ther therapist therapy. There there there, there. there? There’s there’s theroe these thetic thetic. They they they? they’d they’ll they’re They’ve they’ve thigh thighs thighs? thin thing thing, thing. thing.... Things things things, things. THINK think think, think. thinking thinking. thinks third THIS This this this, this. this; this? thor- thorough those Though though though! though, Thought thought thought, thought. thoughtful thoughtfully thoughts thoughts; thousand tho’ threatening, threatening. three throat throat. through through, throw throws thrush thrust Thurs- Thursday thus tick-tock tidied tidy tidy-up tie, tient ties tight tight, till TIME time time, time. time...what time? times times, times. times; timid Timing Tina tina tinitis. tinkling Tino, tiny tiny, tion tion. tion.Rose tional? tions Tips tips tired tired. tis- tivated... tivity tle TLS. TO To to to, to. to? toast toast, tobacco Today today today). today, today. today; today’s toes, together together, together. together? toi- toilet toilet, toilet. Told told told. tolerate. Tom Tom, tomers tomorrow tomorrow, tomorrow. tomorrow? ton Tongue tongue Tonight tonight tonight/tomorrow tonsil, Tony Tony, Tony... Too too too-early too. too? Took took toon Top top top, topics tormenting torpedo. torrent torso torture torturing tossing total totally touch touch. touching touchingly towards tr..? track. traffic traffic, trans- transfer transfer, transferred transfers transfers, transfusion transfusion, transfusion. transparency trapped, trapped. tray tray, tray. treatment treatment. Treatments treats tree tree-tops trees trees, trem- trembling tremendous tremor tribe, trickling. tricky Tried tried Tries tries trigger trigger-hair triggered trilogy. trimmer, trip tripping triumph triumphs, trolley... trolleys trouble trough troupe trousers, true; truffing(?) trussed trust Trust, truth try Trying trying trying. tryptian(?) tube Tuesday Tuesday, Tuesday. Tuesday’s tug tugged Tumour tumour, tunity Tupperware ture turned turner turning turns turntable TV tween twice twice-a-day twist. Twister twister Twister, twitching; twittering Two two two, two. type, Typical typical tyrant ually, UGH Ugly ulcerous ulous UM UMAH un- una- unable unassisted uncomfortable uncomfortable. uncomfortably unconscious Under under underestimated undergoing. understand understanding understanding. underway undo undoubtedly, undress uneasy. unexpected unexpectedly unfair, Unfortunately uniform. uninterrupted University unless unlike unmistakable unofficial unplug unre- unreliable. unsignalled until UP Up up up) up, up- up. up... up: up; up? upon. upright upright, upset upset. upsetting upstairs urged urgent urgent, urgent- urging urinating urine urine, US us us, us. us? use Used used used, used/employed(?) used? useless useless) uses ushered using Usual usual usual) usually Utter utter utterly utters UUUUU V.S.I.’s, vain. value van. various Vaseline Vast vastly veg. vehemently vein Venice Venice, verdict verdict. Veronika versation...drawn versions vertical vertical. vertigo... Very very via viable vicar vicar, vicar; vice, vice. victory view view, vigil vinyl violin- visible visible, visit visit, visit? visited visitor, visitors visitors, visitors. visitors; visits vital Vital: vivid voice voice, voice. volcanic volume vomit, vomited vomitingvomiting, VSI W-P W. W.S. WAAAGH wafts waggle Wagon’ wait waited Waiting waiting waits wake Waking waking walk walk, walk. walked walking Walking, walking, walking. wall walls, wandering WANT Want want wanted wanting wanting? wants Ward ward ward, Ward-Perkins ward. warm warmer warned Warnford wars. Was was was, was. Wash wash wash, wash-up... wash. wash; washed washing; wasn’t wasted wasting, wasting. Watch watch watch, watchdog, Watched watched watching water water, water. water; Watery wave wavebands. WAY way way, way. ways We we we?. weak weak, wearing wears Wednesday Weds week week. weekend weekend, weekend. weekends weeks weeks! weeks). weeks, weeks; week’s weep weep- weeping Weeping, weepy weepy. weighing weight WELL well Well, well, well-made, well-meaning well-paid well: Wen- Wenning’s went went, wept wept. were weren’t West wet we’d WE’LL we’ll We’ve we’ve What what what, what... what? Whatever whatever WHAT’S What’s what’s what’s-her- name wheel wheel- wheelchair wheelchair, wheelchair. wheeled whelming whelped When when whenever Where where WHERE? whereas wherever where’s whether which whiffle. while while, while,’ while. whining, whistling white white. who whole Whole,3/4? wholehearted whoompf! who’d who’s Why why Why? why? wide- wife wife, wiggle wiggled wiggles. WILL Will will will, Willa wind window, windows windows, winds. windy wine winning wipe wipes wiping wired wireless wish wishes wisps with with, with- withdrawing withdrawn....but Within within without wizened wobbled wobbly Woke woke woke. Woken woman woman, woman’s women women, Women’s won- wonder wondered WONDERFUL Wonderful wonderful wonderful; wondering won’t wood wooden Woodstock, word word. word: words words. work work- work. worked worked. worker working works works, world Worried worried worry worry, worry- worry. worry: worse worse, worse. Worst worst Would would wouldn’t wreck wrestle wrestling wrin- wrist write write, write. writhed writhing writing writing, wrong wrong, wrong. wrote WUUGHAGH X-Ray X-ray year year, year; years years, years. year’s yell yell- yelled YES yes Yes, yesterday yesterday, yesterday. yesterday’s yet yet, yet. ygen yoghurt Yorks.; YOU You you you, young young, youngish. YOUR your yourself. Zimmer. zooming | £50 £250 £1000 – ‘Band ‘buts’, ‘difficile’ ‘emergency ‘Film ‘gentlemen’ ‘hello’ ‘ifs’ ‘I’m ‘Lost’. ‘No ‘No, ‘palpitation’ ‘Partie ‘rocket’ ‘rose’ ‘The ‘There ‘vibrate’, ‘what ‘why ‘You ’this “Have “now “Oh “Thank “You





[37] Weight of the World

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1. A double bed. Fully made. 3d-models/max-malm-bed-ikea/728986 or thereabouts – 1:1 scale.
A roving, hand-held spot light finds the bed as it Drops at full speed from the top of the screen. Spotlight can accommodate the whole bed, trying to keep up.
Bedclothes trailing; pillows and duvet slower, etc. Different velocities for different materials.
Passing through the CENTRAL THIRD of the screen, the bed slows to a something that feels like 240fps or thereabouts. This is pretty much identical to the iPhone’s slo mo, including the ramping from full- to slow-motion and back again.
As the bed exits the CENTRAL THIRD, it ramps back to full-speed.
Sound of rustling sheets; whoosh of air; SFX accompaniment of ramping temporality.
Timing is hard to judge for this, but the slow- motion part should last about, say, 5 or 7 seconds. The other speeds are based on getting the thing to look like it’s dropping at a proper velocity.
Enters at full-speed
Crashes to the floor, right-ways up, on its feet, if awkwardly.
Bedclothes fall after it. Sheet billowing down somewhat.
Everything moving and reacting with material accuracy as much as possible. Nothing too gratuitous.
Loud SFX; nothing non-diegetic.
Timing of the action is hard to judge, being dependent on speed of fall.
PAUSE 15 seconds
>>The spotlight should run throughout this whole piece, a kind of human presence, flexing to an appropriate size. For multiple objects, the spotlight searches about a little.
I guess this is something to try. Might be *far* too much.
Each item should drop close enough to the back wall to cast a shadow.
Othewise, a different, generally front-on lighting state for the top screen. <<
2. Soil. Dark, dank soil to partially bury the bed and begin establishing the mound. A pour becomes a DUMP of soil, as- if, finally, from a truck. 1:1 scale
A trickle turns into a full *collapse* of soil. Not sure how this will look – how a huge amount of soil falling looks... Spotlight rather pointlessly picking out an area of the falling soil.
No slow motion in here, just falling through the space. Probably some mounting sub to connote the amount of soil. A roar of SFX.
No dust, as damp?
Hard to say, but something like:
10 seconds of a pretty solid trickle. 3 second cessation
5 seconds of vast amount
Trickle onto the mattress, pillows. Nice mattress gently thudding.
Then, a deluge with, presumably, all the audible overwhelm of a landslide.
Reverb good for the rush of silence after this fall.
Timing pretty much following the above.
PAUSE 15 seconds
3. Four double-sized white sheets. To land draped over the soil, the bed. 1:1 scale
One sheet after another enters from the top, drifting as-if caught on a somewhat supernatural breeze.
Nothing too ridiculous, just serene, billowing. Sounds to go with. Fluttering and flapping. They interweave one another, dance a little.
Again, the shot should SLOW to a near pause in the middle.
The slow-mo part, again, around 5 seconds. The other parts should be as long as it takes. Zig-zagging?
They enter from the top, one at a time, zig-zagging slightly, coming to a rest on top of the mount, in a satisfying billow. Overhanging at the front
Timing as it needs to be.
PAUSE 3 seconds
4. Orange juice. 20 gallons or so? Easier said as a measurement of time pouring. See below. A slightly oversize tetra pack carton thing emptying an unholy amount of juice in a slugging stream, then dropping after the liquid once emptied. box-3d-3ds/1017336 Like, twice the size of normal?
Carton drops full-speed, then slows to the centre, but not like slow-mo, but as-if levitating, a little swaying, the cap unscrews and it begins to empty its contents down. Liquid falls full-speed. Sounds of sloshing to connote correct viscosity, cardboard sounds, steadily hollowing.
Fall, unscrew and pour, something like 15 seconds?
Then carton follows, dropping after.
Liquid pretty consistent flow, swaying a little, perhaps little splash, but mainly soaking into the white sheets, the soil. Bleed of orange juice on sheet? Petering out to drips, then carton unceremoniously follows and bounces off. Splatter, sloshing sounds, etc.
Timing as above
PAUSE 5 seconds
5. Step ladders. Two step ladders to land open, juddering, feet first, straddling things somewhat, contributing to the shape. One step ladder then the next. https:// –– colour variation, perhaps. 1:1 scale
One ladder drops, turning, open, hits the centre slow- mo area, then exits
Pause of 2 seconds
Second ladder follows similarly, not open, not copying the same angle or rotation of fall.
SFX of metal; the kind of *shing* sound that metal wouldn’t make, but foley might add.
First ladder 3 seconds in slow-mo; other timing according to terminal velocity Pause of 2 seconds
Second ladder same
First ladder enters at full speed, hits jarringly on both legs, maybe a little rock or whatever, straddling things. Then the second ladder hits unopened, then opens with a clang to settle opened. Clang and clatter SFX
Timing as above
PAUSE 10 seconds
6. Jeans. 100 or so pairs, draping over everything 1:1 scale
Dropping scattered, full-speed, flailing and flapping a little. Released and dropped irregularly, sort of sprinkled. Depending on how fast they drop at real- time speed, perhaps it needs some slo-mo to highlight them, paused like rain. Deadening of sound by fabric, slight ruffling sound, perhaps even some sound to report the rivets.
Let’s say they’re released over a period of 20 seconds or so
Perhaps slo-mo when the screen has jeans at every height, the whole screen slows for 5 seconds.
All real-time, they land like leaves, draping to more or less clock part of the mound. Gentle fabric sound, heavy, definitely the occasional barely there sound of the rivets.
Timing as above
PAUSE 5 seconds
Dropping like the jeans, irregular, sprinkled, not just in the centre, but to span the screen.
As above: Let’s say they’re released over a period of 20 seconds or so
Perhaps slo-mo when the screen has bricks at every height, the whole screen slows for 5 seconds.
All real-time, they land like with a crash, dust where appropriate, settling wherever they land? SFX very loud.
Timing as above
PAUSE 10 seconds
8. Ship’s anchor and chain. Massive, like from a battleship or something. Chain following anchor, both unbelievably heavy. model-1315100 or something Huge.
Plummeting straight from the centre top, slo-mo in the middle, chain should perhaps be a little *too* long. Metal released SFX, low sub sound, perhaps chain slightly speaking against itself.
Again, slo-mo for 5, but the rest dependent on how fast something like this falls.
Drop crazily fast and presumably doing some pretty catastrophic damage. Plenty of kicked up stuff. Massive crash SFX.
Timing as above, etc.
PAUSE 20 seconds –– lower screen waiting much longer.

9. Books. As many as the duration calls for. –– but to be honest, I’m not sure how this would be possible, inasmuch as the pages flapping about seems a problem. Thoughts welcome. 1:1 scale
Scattered like the jeans, only more so. More like it’s raining books. Starting in slo-mo, the books fall slow, entering at the top all across, with a concentration in the central area where the mound is. Slo-motion drift, falling, pages riffling, spinning... Fluttering page sound, creak of spines, all the gratuity.
Slo-mo from the start, lasting till the first book gets to just near the bottom. Unless that’s a crazy amount of time.
Then real-time raining books for 10 seconds.
Raining books. Bouncing off things, settling to contribute to the mound. Flapping sound, hard hits, soft, card hits.
Timing as above, etc.
PAUSE 5 seconds
10. Red wine. Like with the orange juice, central levitation, cork removed and wine pours out. Once emptied, barrel and cork fall. 1:1 scale
Barrell drops full-speed, then slows to the centre, but not like slow-mo,but as-if levitating, a little swaying, the cork pops out and it begins to empty its contents. Liquid falls full-speed. Familiar slug of wine; satisfying squeak and pop of the cork. Hollowing wood sounds. Slight creak.
Fall, pop and pour, something like 15 seconds?
Then barrel and cork follow.
Liquid pretty consistent flow, swaying a little, sloshing about, getting on everything, darkening most things. Petering out to drips, then cork tiny, bouncing, then the barrel *crash*. High splatter, then the hollow wood report of the barrel hitting, rolling, whatever. Crack.
Timing as above
PAUSE 5 seconds
11. Feathers. A huge cloud to ‘feather’ the mound. Like 1:1 scale
Raining again, a few at first, then a great cloud. No slo-mo, all real-time. Deadening the acoustics, removing reverb a little, perhaps a very slight high *fluff* sound.
Hard to judge this, timing-wise. Quite a while.
Feathers ‘feather’ the mound. Barely audible *settling* sounds
Timing as above
PAUSE No pause.
Falls central, with slo-mo- part in the middle. A little of the fabric and wood in air movement sound.
5 second slo-mo as per.
Crashes onto the mound, sending whatever loose feathers up and anything else that’s loose and light. *Duff* of fabric, cushions; crack of wood.
Timing, at this point, for the bottom screen, is per terminal velocity, not really requiring description
PAUSE 5 seconds
13. Coffin. One full-size coffin; the lid follows. 1:1 scale
Drops centrally, at an angle, minor rotation or something. Lid loose, starting close to then falling at a slightly different speed according to guesstimated weight. Low whoosh. Maybe slight supernatural quease SFX.
5 second slo-mo centrally
Crash to the centre. Lid slightly after. Split wood, soft wood and clatter sounds.
Timing as above
PAUSE 10 seconds
14. Milk. I think refer to the wine and the orange juice, generally. these are nicely weird. I’m thinking the largest. Glug glug, plastic hollowing
PAUSE 5 seconds
15. Dining table and chairs. This one is suitably horrible: 1:1 scale
The table and chairs sort of drop together, with a little random scatter, angles, etc. Whoosh of air
5 second slo-mo centrally
Crash to the centre. Perhaps attempting to land feet first-ish. Awkward hard hit of wood, a little crack, split sound.
Timing as above
PAUSE No pause
16. Crockery. A catering-company’s worth. Hundreds of white plates, bowls, etc. 1:1 scale
Dropped pretty randomly, slo-mo mainly, then full- speed when the screen is relatively full. Crockery sounds, slight, air playing them like the percussive. Whoosh of air.
Slo-mo till the screen is almost full, then drop full-speed for say 5 seconds.
Crash centrally-ish, with scatter. Smashing and flying off in shards where it hits hard surfaces. Crockery shards, tinkle of ceramic, etc. SFX
Timing as above
PAUSE No pause
17. Cutlery. To match the crockery, like https:// Timings and quantities similar to the crockery. 1:1 scale. Suitable tinkle and clatter
PAUSE 10 seconds
18. Beer. A couple of kegs. Behaving like the wine and the orange juice. Can the beer foam? Probably not. Hard to identify this, but that’s fine. The two kegs will clang differently when they land. Kegs 1:1 scale. Fizz and froth sounds, glugging, emptying metal keg sounds.
PAUSE 10 seconds
19. Firecrackers. Just a few. Lit, land, go off unspectacularly. 1:1 scale
Say three firecrackers with the fuses lit drop, slo-mo centrally, then drop.
Smoke a little, sparks as the fuse goes down. Hiss of the fuse.
3 second slo-mo centrally
Drop onto the pile wherever, and go off. Paltry bangs. Touch of landing.
Timing as they would.
PAUSE 20 seconds
20. Wardrobe full of clothes. Like, 554657 Full of clothes on hangers, to open and spill a little in the drop. There are so many clothing models out there, so I might leave this with you. Not sure of the proper useable specs. I mean, that’s true for everything really, but. Random, hanging.
Whole wardrobe drops at a slight angle, doors ajar, hits the slo-mo centre, then continues to fall, clothes coming out. Low whoosh, creak of door, flutter of clothes.
5 second slo-mo centrally
Crashes centrally, clothes thrown up or spill out. Crash of wood, flop of cloth.
PAUSE 10 Seconds
21. Fish. A few large fish. Like I’d say bump up the size to something faintly ludicrous. Small shark size? Wet look. Nice and limp and heavy.
They drop scattering a little, bending, enter the slo- mo part for ‘inspection’, then continue to fall. Gratuitous slimy sound.
5 second slo-mo centrally
Full-speed hit. Again, as with heavy objects, they should disperse whatever’s loose a little. A little kick up of whatever is powdery down there. *Slap!* sounds, slimy report.
Timing as they would.
PAUSE 20 Seconds
They drop at roughly the same time, scattered a little. At angles, catching the spot light, reflecting one- another, etc. Glass SFX, the ring of glass and air if anime were doing it.
5 second slo-mo centrally
Full-speed hit. Shattering as accurately as possible. Reflecting all the while. Wood, glass, very loud, awful SFX
Timing as they would.
PAUSE 20 Seconds
23. Newspapers. Lots, opening up and fluttering about onstage, caught in a gust of wind. Model-wise, I’m not sure. Models seem to be set, not constituted by pages that might move and flutter accordingly. A bit like the books, I’d like to take this one on advise. Thoughts welcome. 1:1 scale
Dropping scattered like the feathers, etc. No slo-mo necessary. Some dropping faster without fluttering open; some opening and separating. If possible. If this isn’t possible, we’d go with bundles of newspapers, tied up. Or reassess. Flutter of papers.
Say at least 20 seconds of newspapers falling
Same pace as the TOP screen, basically, but *guided* slightly so they land in a manner to layer over the top of the mound. Flap and thud of landing; flutter.
Timing as above
PAUSE 10 seconds
24. A black cat. Falling. Maybe this one, though I’m balking at the price a little: rigged-fur-model-1391993 Falling reference: https:// lands on the mound and skips off, off-stage. Perhaps the animation would be tricky for this. My usually sources of mo-cap stuff don’t have cats, but. Thoughts welcome. 1:1 scale
Falls centre, turning to adjust for landing on its feet. Slo-mo in the centre, as per. Slight mewl. Whoosh
5 second central slo-mo
Lands full-speed, on its feet, delicate, absorbing the shock, then skips off, perhaps over the back if necessary. Delicate sound of feet, slight winding of the cat with a short mew, trot off.
Timing as above
PAUSE 5 seconds

25. Dry ice. A curtain of it falling, swirling; spotlight searching. Spilling down the mound, rolling off the stage.
Falls like a water fall, at the already-slo-mo speed it would.
No slo-mo. Fade out. Silent, just acoustic changing. Perhaps sub.
20 or so seconds of falling?
Laps at the mound in misty waves, wreathing it somewhat, then rolling off and off-stage, over the front or wherever. Disperses like this. No sound?
Once poured out, then a gradual disappearance, maybe 20 seconds to disappear, kicked up a little by the landing of a few of the next item...
PAUSE No pause
26. Cardboard boxes. Big, empty boxes like Oversize. Big enough for a body or similar. 6 of them.
Falling, scattered, flaps opening and closing. Some sealed?
Tumbling, turning. Flap of cardboard SFX
5 second slo-mo
Drop lightly and unceremoniously. Settle. Quiet sounds of cardboard contact. Large hollow sound
As they would
PAUSE 5 seconds
27. Ash. Black ash drifting down silently, to cat the mound pretty comprehensively. Particles obscuring.
Drifting in, a few particles in eddies of air, then thickening to a cloud and slowly falling. Again, changing the acoustic, muffling.
Perhaps a minute of this falling
Coating everything, the stage, the mound, a thin coating. High settling sounds.
Slow and steady.
PAUSE 10 seconds
28. Oil. As with the orange juice, beer, wine. An oversize drum: or the like, glugging out its thick, black, crude contents.
The drum drops, levitates, and tips out its slightly impossible contents. Less ridiculous an amount than other substances. Sounds of glugging, the steady hollowing pitch shift, slight dings and clangs of metal. Drum empties then drops after the oil.
Drop quick, then levitates for, say, 10 seconds
Landing gratuitously shiny, like caramel or something, coating and seeping down the mound. Gastronomic overtones. Overt SFX to connote: faint guttural, a wink of toilet humour
Slow and steady, slight slimy sounds as it layers the mound. 10 seconds of oil, then the drum drops and splats on top, almost certainly rolling off. Whatever that does.
PAUSE 20 seconds
29. 2 Parachute silks. One then another red parachutes fall silent and huge to cover the mound. Not sure how this should be modelled to catch the air sufficiently. Silky fabric is the main thing; the ropes and technical parts can be forgotten in favour of the huge silky thing unfurling and drifting. Perhaps more like huge flags?
Pretty much down the centre,
No slo-mo, just drifting, one, then the other, close to one another
Filling with unseen wind, snagged a little
Rippling fabric sounds
20 seconds or thereabouts?
Corrected to land, draped over the mound, perhaps with a little drift atop the oil.
Rippling and resting sounds.
Slow and steady, as necessary.
PAUSE 10 seconds
30. Vodka. A bottle of vodka, 1:1 scale, behaves like the other vessels, levitating and disgorging the correct amount. Glug glug. Screw of cap. Glass overtones. As with the other substances, the pour and followed by the cap and the bottle. Land with a smash or roll. Unceremonious, discarded feeling.
PAUSE 5 seconds
31. Flatscreens. Ten flatscreen TVs, released in a scatter at the top. There’s a lot of models of these, so take your pick. Large, like 60” or above. Can be just a couple of different models.
Dropping scattered a little, turning, central third slo- mo part
Nothing on the TVs, cables trailing.
No specific sound, perhaps the cable whip a little Whoosh
3 second slo-mo
Landing hard, on their backs or fronts. Smash of screen or plastic.
Real-time crashes
PAUSE 20 seconds
32. Slime. Enough fluorescent green slime to coat the top of the mound and start slowly moving down the front slope. From two large toxic barrels. Same behaviour as the oil. The slime should glow in caricatured radioactive fashion. This glow can fade once dropped or, preferably, continue to glow until the next substance. Follow directions for oil with humming, pseudo-electrical SFX.
PAUSE 10 seconds
33. Rope. A very long coil of fat rope; unfurling from above for long enough as to be funny. Wobbling as it drops. No slo- mo. I’m not sure which models are possible for the movement. Should be thick as a ship’s rope, though.
Unfurling from the top, centre Slight wobble
Creak and low whip of rope
10 seconds dropping
Landing like one of those plug chains: like liquid, heavy, coiling, spiralling. Low slight report of landing.
As above
PAUSE 5 seconds
34. Eggs. Six chickens’ eggs; 1:1 scale. I’m guessing this model’s easy, but
Released in a group, spinning. Drop fast and small and pathetic. High whoosh
5 second slow-mo
Landing like an egg. Imagining slightly disguising the impact to minimise the complexity. The sound can do the heavy-lifting here. Crack splat, you know.
As above
PAUSE 10 seconds
35. Pillows. A household’s worth of used white pillows. Say, ten. Maybe something like A scatter of them. 1:1.
Scattered, slightly delayed drop between pillows. Move and respond according to air a little. Low whoosh, slight fabric report SFX. No slow-mo, just drop.
Quick, cursory
Landing at different points on the mound. Tumble and settle. Thuds.
As above
PAUSE No pause.
36. Foam. Foam uncoiling from above. To sit on the mound like whipped cream. After landing, it settles. Certainly, by this point the mound really feels pervertedly gastronomic.
Dropped back and forth, unfurling, so that when it lands it’s drawn in waves.
Sound of aerosol, foam detaching in the drop, a little.
10 seconds of this dropping. No slow-mo
Landing like a chocolate bar ad. Collapse when landing or dissolving? Fizzle sounds?
As above
PAUSE 5 seconds
37. Dead birds. Falling as-if they died mid-flight. As with other items that fall like rain. Reference opening of ‘Melancholia’: from 17 seconds. Just noticing this marketplace: birds ...?
Raining, sporadic at first, then, say, 100?
5 second slo-mo
A pretty obvious reference: the frogs in Magnolia. –– gross in their unflinchingness as they hit full-speed.
As above
PAUSE 20 seconds
38. Tyres. Four large tyres. Tractor or equivalent. Again, loads of models here. Rubbery, matt, rugged.
Scattered, different angles. Slow-mo central, spinning a little. Low whoosh. Maybe slight comedy boing sound?
5 second slo-mo
Landing one after another, bouncing, probably leaving the stage or landing on their face, a couple. Boing! Rubbery sounds.
As they would
PAUSE 5 seconds
39. Balloons. A net of multi-coloured balloons is released to tumble about. Hoping this is a simple model, with a little transparency. 1:1 scale. Perhaps this is useful? As many as you might have at the end of some celebration.
Released as if from a net above, drifting down. Squeaking a little.
Say ten seconds of drifting down, jostling, squeaking.
Landing like a sad celebration. Probably tumbling everywhere. Tiny reports of the balloons boinging, contact with whatever material.
As they would
PAUSE 20 seconds.
40. Tree. A tree falls in slo-mo TOP and BOTTOM. Settling slow and impossibly. Lowered by unseen telekinesis or some shit. or something like this. Maybe better, but with roots. Like just so it looks good, eerie, careful. 1:1 scale?
Lowered slow, horizontal, and at a slight angle. Rustle and low rumble
20 seconds or so to cross the TOP screen
Same as above, very carefully laid to rest, as if to try to balance it, see-sawing. Crisp foliage nothing as it is settled.
10 seconds? Careful.
PAUSE 20 seconds.
41. Sand. Shining, enough to start engulfing the mound. Saharan yellow.
A waterfall of sand, no slow-mo
Filling the central area of the screen in a widening column
A thin stream turns to an inundation
Tinkle of sand grains and then rumble of huge movement
10 seconds or so
Landing centrally to start burying the mound. Low thud and tinkle.
As above.
PAUSE 20 seconds.
42. Bones. Assorted human bones. Enough to seem like a number of bodies. Maybe from
Released a few at a time, then the rest. Slow-mo central part
Dry slight clatter
5 second central slow-mo
Landing randomly. Scattered like a topping. Clatter and whatever surface they hit.
As they would
PAUSE 5 seconds.
43. Grand piano. Falling, lid open, feet first. or cheaper but good.
Slow motion the whole way. Dropping. At an angle. The tinkle off keys and strings, heavy whoosh.
Under 10 seconds?
Crashing down in the centre. Scattering and smashing. An almighty sound – musical!
The chord, the sound, is sustained, decays over the PAUSE of 20 seconds.
As it would.
PAUSE 20 seconds
44. Rain. Soaking the mound. One whole minute of rain. Washing and glistening.
It starts with the lights flickering out. Then lightening above, off-screen, flashing the screen.
Thunder cracks, then a deluge.
One minute.
Raining on everything. Sound of rain hitting everything. Distant thunder, distant lightning flashes.
One minute.
PAUSE 20 seconds
45. Snow. To coat the mound and the stage in white. One whole minute of snowing. As with the rain.
Lighting blues and pales, the first few flakes of snow fall, then heavy, then heavier.
Acoustics change, distant howl of wind?
One minute
Steadily coating everything onstage. Acoustic change, muffling, closing down the reverb entirely.
One minute
PAUSE 20 seconds
THEN Fog rolls in and over the stage, sitting low. TOP screen empty, silent, maybe drip of what was once.
46. Flaming torch. Drops spinning, slow-mo central part.
Drops central, spinning, flaring flame, no light but the light of the torch. Light seeping from the stage BELOW
Flaring flame sounds, spinning wind in flame rush. See 2.04 here: x1a38xq Some smoke.
5 second central slow-mo
Landing with a clunk and a fizzle. Fire put out in snow. Hiss. Smoke rises.
As it would
PAUSE 10 seconds
Slowly lowered on ropes, not dropped.
Audio cables trailing.
Perhaps lightly spinning as they descend. Creaking of rope, off-screen winch squeaking. After speakers are placed on the BOTTOM screen, ropes return up the screen
20 seconds or so?
Lowered to the stage, carefully.
Audio cables dropped once speakers are settled, trailing off-stage.
Ropes detach and are winched quickly up.
One speaker either side of the stage, flanking where the mound’s going to grow.
The sound of an amp being turned on, a buzz of connection.
As they would
20 seconds
48. A giant spider slowly descends on a strand of glistening silk, settles atop the mound, scuffing things a little, and __x__ plays from the PA system. Spider facing out. Like this sort of thing: birdeater-fur-rigged-3d-model-1258130
This final scene as long as the song, whatever that will end up being. Spider slightly *heaving* / idle animation.
A pause after the song ends, around 30 seconds. Then the curtains close and the lights up TOP remain off. Fade to black on BOTTOM.
Loop begins again after 30 seconds of black.

3. List of Jobs. The first thirty generated at;, expanded upon by by GPT-3, OpenAI’s language generator. Excerpt from Ed Atkins, Three Pieces of Bread, published 2020, on the occasion of Entropy of a biased coin, at Cabinet, London

[-35] Melencolia


Refuse.exe is a two-channel realtime 3D simulation, authored in a custom version of the Unreal Engine: a software development environment used to make video games.

Each run-through of Refuse.exe is unique. The objects drop in the same sequence and at the same time per play through – but their movement while dropping, their landing and their accumulation differs every time, at the whim of the physics simulated.

Refuse.exe is a play about things returning – downwardly mobile, scurf maybe upcycled from industrial nowt to cultural significance or.

Refuse is a homonym, remaining unresolved in text. It signifies at least both unwilling and trash, the meaning reconciled in speech only.

Refuse.exe is a real-time, quasi-proprietarily generated and simulated animation of misc. stuff falling through a building to a stage and piling up. Every performance is unique.

Refuse.exe dramatises the return of repressed, deferred and otherwise figured things, by way of a play as a computer program.

Refuse.exe is a play reduced to crude, barely a diagram:


ENTER                 Drop

ACTION                           Fall

INTER-ACTION               Land

DEATH                 Cease

REFUSE                           Remain



Each performance is unique. The simulation makes for a managed chaos where the fall, collision and cumulation of stuff is peculiar every time. No two performances of the application

Refuse.exe IMPOVERISHES redemption, grace, material recuperability? Refuse.exe is performed by a sprawling cast of CG stuff.

'Refuse' is cumulative.

Lists are the essential form of this play.

37. The Weight of the World
Social Suffering in Contemporary Society
Pierre Bourdieu &
Alain Accardo, Gabriel Balazs, Stephane Beaud, Francois Bonvin,
Emmanuel Bourdieu, Philippe Bourgois, Sylvain Broccolichi,
Patrick Champagne, Rosine Christin, Jean Pierre Faguer,
Sandrine Garcia, Remi Lenoir, Françoise Œuvrard, Michel Pialoux,
Louis Pinto, Denis Podalydès, Abdelmalek Sayad, Charles Soulié,
Loïc J.D. Wacquant.
Translated by Priscilla Parkhurst Ferguson
Susan Emanuel, Joe Johnson & Shoggy T Waryn.
Polity Press 1999
First Published in France as La Misère du Monde Éditions de Seuil 1993